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Welcome to VAME, our sanctuary dedicated to our love and appreciation of the water of life. Browse and buy, join in on our stories or leave a message so we can chat on all things whisky. 

Here you can discover our latest whisky releases, a choice of rare bottles we picked up along the way, find some snacks to go with them and the second best drink Scotland has to offer. Drop us a line if you miss something, we are always happy to help. Want to know more about how we choose our bottlings? Check out the Our Future Page.

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What's VAME?

We are a group of friends from Munich that have made their favourite hobby into something more. We picked up our love of whisky at different places and stages of life. What matters is we found each other along the way. Our fellowship of whisky was forged a few years ago when we started to regularly meet for music, board games and takeout. Each of us brought one or two bottles to accompany the night and we embarked on a journey through different regions, ages and finishes of whisky. After our first trip to Scotland together on which we visited Campbeltown and Islay, the idea of our own cask manifested. It took months to find the right one, but we finally found it in a Staoisha from 2016 maturing in a magnificent first fill bourbon cask that blew our minds. We bought this one in summer 2020. We have since then expanded our range with exciting young casks from across Scotland to provide ourselves with affordable whisky, tailored to our tastes without compromise for years to come. When the selections that were too good to pass on proved to be too much in 2021, we founded VAME,  as a platform to open our sanctuary to new and old friends and to share our love of whisky. We do this because we enjoy it, we love our whisky and we’d love to share it.