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Rude Olph

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In a faraway land, deer live peacefully and blissfully in their valleys, come of age, mate and bear children to blissfully live and show their children the life they led. That is, until one of their children becomes edgy and daring. Meet dear Rude-Olph, who came of age in this far away land, but travelled abroad to follow his anti-establishment lifestyle that made him an outcast to his own. 

This namesake Single Malt Whisky was finished in an Amarone Single Cask in Germany after being produced and pre-matured in its origin country until it was 23 years of age. Contrary to the mellow style the distillery is usually known for, the Amarone cask adds funk and a long finish, notes atypical for an Amarone cask with pears and thyme honey. It is an outcast but still secretly keeps to its blissful nature.

Auf lager

Tropical fruits, hint of wook, smooth and charming

Red fruit, Grapes and mango. Sweet bitterness.

Long, slightly dry

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Technische Daten

Vol (ml)
Bottled on
Maturation Cask
Matured in a bourbon cask. FInished in an Amarone Cask in Germany
% alc / vol
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