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Cavity Face


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This one was one of our first casks. We really liked the initial spirit from the cask, but at eleven years it still had over 65% alcohol volume. Adding a little bit of water made it such an enjoyable whisky we decided we want to bottle. In order to get the alcohol strength down without watering the whisky down we wanted to give the whisky a small cask finish. When the opportunity arose to use a second fill wine cask from one of the high end Islay distilleries, we purchased the cask and had it built down to Octave size. This significantly reduced the strength on our Aultmore, but retained the classic bourbon notes we liked, which would have been eliminated by a first fill cask. The additions from the Islay red wine on finish and palate give nice christmas spices and round the whisky well.

The artwork stems from a Munich based friend. The front side depicts the classically clothed young man described in the story, while the back side shows the many twists in the life of Cavity Face.

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Salted Butter and citrus zest, charred wood, vanilla smoke. Classic fresh bourbon cask notes.

Dried Apricots, fresh leather, cardamome and light smoke. Slightly peppery oak and some arabic spices.

Minimum smoke, christmas spices, Spekulatius, Filled Vine Leaves later

You know those people that never seem to be able to catch a break. The kind of person that is a magnet for injury, embarrassment and the occasional trauma to the face.
We asked ourselves if we could capture this feeling, a cratered landscape of hurt. So we took a perfectly ordinary whisky-next-door Aultmore and punched it in the face with an Islay Wine Cask. It may have a tooth or two missing, but boy is it good.

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Matured in refill and first fill bourbon, finished in an ex-Islay Wine Octave for six months
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