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Laughing Roy


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While every cask we buy is special to us, this whisky lies close to the heart. When we started our journey not too long ago we would have never thought we would be able to bottle such a dram at a flawless age from this side of the island so soon. A stroke of luck, a cask sample that made our heart pump outside our chests in comic style and here we are.

We are thrilled to share with you this 15 year old Islay Single Malt from a distillery all four of us hold dear. It was matured in a bourbon hogshead and refined its basic character throughout the years resulting in a whisky that is brutally honest and to the point, but complex at the same time. Which distillery is it from? We won't tell, but you might be able to find one or two hints scattered here.


Once upon a time in a cosy coastal village, there lived an illustrious Scotsman named Laughing Roy, a jovial fellow known for his hearty laughter, his love for the sea and his penchant for wearing kilts even when the wind was particularly mischievous. One stormy evening, as the waves crashed against the rugged cliffs, Laughing Roy invited the entire village to his cottage by the shore. He had a surprise in store, a bottle of his cherished "Laughing Roy's Chucklejuice."

As the villagers gathered, Laughing Roy regaled them with tales of his seafaring adventures. He spoke of legendary battles with haddock and sole. Soon it was time to uncork the Chucklejuice. The aroma that filled the room was that of a salty sea breeze mingling with the soul of the peat bogs, perfectly capturing the essence of a well aged spirit from the legendary distillery that made these marine embers.

When the first sip touched the villagers lips, the room erupted in laughter. It was as if the Chucklejuice had captured the very spirit of Laughing Roy himself. The peaty notes danced on their tongues like an island jig, while the maritime flavours brought memories of a happy childhood at the coast. Smoky Passion unleashed, Chucklejuice flowing like the Kilbride Burn. Villagers told their own tales of misadventures, taken aback by the peat's alluring embrace.

As the night waned, Laughing Roy stood and raised his glass. "To laughter, to the sea, and to Chucklejuice!". The villagers cheered, and even the storm outside seemed to join in with a clap of thunder. It was a night to remember, fueled by the laughter that came from a bottle of Chucklejuice, a whisky as legendary as the man who shared it with them.


Salted meat dried at sea, smoldering coal on a cold morning after a bonfire night, a seabreeze at low tide when the sea gras lies at the coast. Classic bourbon cask notes of vanilla and citrus.


An evening by the sea, warming tired bones and eating oysters at the campfire. An instant kick of peat and sea spray, lingering notes of driftwood that has washed ashore, smoked ham and mackerel.


Long and unrelenting. Grilled Fish in lemon sauce, slightly charred by the open flame. The definition of "hygge" in front of the fireplace while the ocean wind is whipping the windows.


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