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Pegleg Pete


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Pegleg pete is a piece of VAME history, one half of the very first cask we bought. Having spent its first five and a half years in a first fill bourbon cask, it developed a mellowness and sweetness that is exceptional for its age, while retaining its smoky punch. We closely followed its development with samples every few months and decided it was ready to be perfected at the start of 2022. We contemplated bottling this whisky in its original state from the bourbon cask, but decided against it, because we wanted to add a little extra to the straight forward bourbon cask we had.

We put half of the cask into a 100l first fill rum cask that we had built down from an original rum barrel. Pegleg pete is the result. The rum cask had some wonderful influence with tropical and sweet notes, somehow intensifying the smoke. This one gets very peaty and has such a nice long finish!

The artwork on the bottle is by @lalkorcan, capturing the story of Pegleg Pete in an explosive manner.

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Smoke and slight alcohol, tropical and citrus fruits, slight oak and vanilla. The alcohol dissipates after a few seconds and gives way to sugar cane and coconut. Incense sticks.

Creamy and spicy, pancakes and flambéed tropical fruits, sugar cane juice and cactus figs, bonfire smoke and memories of a warm fireplace.

Long, with lasting fireplace woodsmoke, pineapple and vanilla, brown sugar caramel and sweet tea. Warm and fulfilling, keeps improving with time. Hygge!

A salty sea wind, the smell of smoking cannons, rum, manhood and questionable hygiene.  

Meet Pegleg Pete.

Brother to Mademoiselle Pack-a-Day, he was raised by the same loving, but strict family before setting put to the seven seas on his quest for adventure and booty. Having lost his leg trying to operate a cannon, he might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he has heart, brawn and three of four limbs attached.
He may seem tough and unwavering, but below the layers of sea, rum and smoke he is still the same sweet little boy who left his home with big dreams.

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Maturation Cask
Matured in a first fill bourbon cask, finished in a first fill Sauternes Quarter Cask for six months
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