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Mademoiselle Pack-a-Day
  • Mademoiselle Pack-a-Day
  • Mademoiselle Pack-a-Day
  • Mademoiselle Pack-a-Day
  • Mademoiselle Pack-a-Day
  • Mademoiselle Pack-a-Day

Mademoiselle Pack-a-Day


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Mademoiselle Pack-a-Day is a piece of VAME history, one half of the very first cask we bought. Having spent its first five and a half years in a first fill bourbon cask, it developed a mellowness and sweetness that is exceptional for its age while retaining its smoky punch. We closely followed its development with samples every few months and decided it was ready to be perfected at the start of 2022. We contemplated bottling this whisky in its original state from the bourbon cask, bit decided against it, because we wanted to add a little extra to the straight forward bourbon cask we had.

We put half of the cask into a 100l first fill sauternes cask that we had built down from an original sauternes barrique. Mademoiselle Pack-a-Day is the result. The sauternes cask had some wonderful influence with spicy and explosively sweet notes. We unanimously agree that this is an exceptional whisky and our highlight of our first batch.

Bottle's artwork is designed by @bicaniko17, depicting the concept of Mademoiselle Pack-a-Day abstractly, using refractions of crumbled aluminum foil.


Initially fresh salmon, after breathing brown sugar, caramel toffee and a sweet sea breeze. Tropical smoke.

Strong smoke instantly, bittersweet and vibrant, cumin and pul biber, but also crème brûlée. Warming, but not alcoholic.

Medium long. Very sweet, carrying on the crème brûlée, but less spicy than the palate. A decrescendo of sweetness and smoke. Smoked Bacon in the very end.

Give this one five to ten minutes time in the glass to reach full potential!

A prodigy at young age unlike her gullible brother Pegleg Pete, Mademoiselle Pack-a-Day always had things handed to her. Able to negotiate the fine line between her sweet exterior and silent authority, she quickly became a well-known member of high society after leaving her loving, but strict home.  

Her sweet and loving nature and steadfast strength completely contradict her mimicry of etiquette and self-importance, and the only battle she ever lost is the one against her pack-a-day habit. This namesake whisky is an absolute smokeshow.


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Vol (ml)
Distilled on
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Maturation Cask
Matured in a first fill bourbon cask, finished in a first fill Sauternes Quarter Cask for six months
% alc / vol
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